It’s not easy to decide whether or not to up-sticks and live abroad with the family. After all, who doesn’t want a life of sunshine, surf and sandy beaches?

Beyond the prospect of glorious, wall-to-wall sunshine, I’d also like my children to grow up with a second language.  All too often us Brits expect the rest of the world to speak our Mother Tongue, and when we can’t get our own way we just gesticulate or speak louder. Not cool.

Pre-kids I lived for a few years in Australia, so I’ve always had a penchant for the laid-back beach lifestyle. Hence why I’ve ended up living a pebble’s throw from the sea in Cornwall. But Australia’s a long way to move the whole family, it’s more difficult to emigrate these days, it’s expensive and doesn’t solve the language issue.

So now the kids are growing up, Portugal’s on the radar as a place to perhaps relocate for a while. With three wild boys in my wake, a life of surfing, football and wide open spaces seems appealing. Especially if I can actually afford a house for us to live in. Portuguese isn’t an easy language to master as an adult, but much like surfing, if the kids start learning now, hopefully it will come more naturally to them.

I still haven’t decided whether Portugal’s worth leaving Cornwall for. Especially now the sun is shining in Kernow, celandines are blooming on the coast path and the long, wet winter seems to finally be over. But after a week in Portugal weighing up our options, this is just a little clip of the Portuguese lifestyle we’re thinking of turning into more than just a holiday.

Please excuse our rudimentary translations on the video 🙂 Any tips or advice on moving a family to Portugal would be gratefully received.



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